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Because you have better things to do than compose a menu or imagine a recipe, Coach Chefs® offers you both



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The knocks

Full of tips and tricks, these sections in books and videos will make you an unbeatable cordon bleu

Legs of legs have hardened?

Restore its tenderness to lamb meat by soaking for 15 minutes in raw milk

Unmould a recalcitrant cake

Just turn the pan on a dish and cover the mold with a dish towel moistened with hot water

A salad to reanimate urgently

Soak the salad in the fresh water with vinegar to find its crunchy

And the salt that goes back into the water

With a handful of coarse salt in an ice bucket where a bottle is bathed so that the ice cubes melt less quickly

The masters of cuisine

Coach Chefs® chefs will be able to share their love of cooking with you every day

Enter Keller

Pastry Master

Sandrine Lesueur

Chef cook

Geoffroy Rouanet


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